Until Now, despite the importance of commercial sealant installation there hasn’t been a standard for an optimal shape in a Caulking Applicator Tool.


We offer elliptical sealant spatulas in both stainless steel and plastic tools for the application of sealants in nominal joint widths commonly encountered in construction industry, which may vary from 1/8 inch and to over 3 inches.

There is no cutting, grinding, or shaping necessary for our tools to fit the joinery properly for a successful sealant installation.  You simply choose the right tool from 6 different sizes which function in most sealant joints seen in commercial construction.

Non-specialized tools such as a typical rounded spatula, spoons, knives, and sticks, are commonly misused for tooling sealant. These kinds of implements not only smear the caulking, but can damage softer substrates in construction such as glass, painted surfaces, enamels, tiles, and the like. They are often the blame for the unsightly appearance, marks, scratches, and other kinds of damage creating additional cost for replacement or claims.

Lack of proper tooling is another major cause for failed joint sealants in building industry causing water-intrusion, mold, and mildew.

The successful performance of a building exterior is frequently defined by its ability of the sealant to keep rain and other elements outside, away from the building’s occupants.

Proper tooling of joint sealants is essential for every sealant installation.

From: Atlas Supply, Inc., Seattle, WA
I wanted to write you and tell you that “The Highly  Demanded” stainless C.A.T.’s are THE set for our  professional caulkers here in Seattle.  In lieu of purchasing spatulas separately,  it is a great benefit that the C.A.T. stainless comes pre-packaged on one  convenient retractable ring – stay organized and is nice to your pocketbook with one simple custom set.  I hear constantly how instantly usable they are.  “We simply can’t keep them on the shelf!”

Thanks for inventing such a great caulking tool(s).
Jessica McIntosh
Customer Service & Marketing Coordinator
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